The purpose of this blog is to provide unbiased insights on the health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) including real-world evidence analysis, economic modeling, healthcare policies, health technology assessments and other healthcare related issues.   

About the author: Dr. Priti Pednekar is the founder, editor and principal writer of heorinsights.com. Dr. Pednekar is a Research Scientist at PRECISIONheor, with wide research experience in real world data analysis, health economics modeling, health policy analysis and mixed-methods research.  She serves as chair of International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Special Interest Group for Medication Adherence and Persistence. Prior to joining PRECISIONheor, Dr. Pednekar worked as a research scientist at University of the Sciences, where she performed research on medication adherence, health outcomes research, health disparities, cost-utility modeling, budget impact modeling and statistical programming and analysis using large-scale medical claims and survey data sources including MEPS, BRFSS, PACE prescription claims and PHC4 hospital discharge data. Dr. Pednekar also has experience in demonstrating the health and economic value of novel pharmaceutical therapies for a variety of health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, CVD and mental disorders. Dr. Pednekar received her PhD in Health Policy from University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, and her Masters of Pharmacy from University of Mumbai, India. Dr. Pednekar’s published work can be viewed at Google Scholar Page. In the popular media, Dr. Pednekar’s research work has appeared in CNN, POLITICO (in the context on how pharmacy desserts would have impact on the COVID vaccine distribution), Drug Topics to name a few.

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